To encourage a spirit of community through social, sporting, cultural and recreational activities    
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PresidentMartin Bugden 416 283-3524mhbugden at
Past Pres.Nancy Kish647 705-9698nancykish at
TreasurerBrent Duguid416 283-7484bduguidat
SecretaryDebbie Kravis416 286-5021pdkravis at
DirectorsLouise Bonnycastle416 283-1938lmbonny at
 Barbara Broadley416 724-0416barbarabroadley at
 Laurie Cobbett416 286-0750laurelcobbett at
webmasterGary Dale416 282-0583gary at
DirectorsLynda Hansen416 282-7916lyndahansen at
 Rudy Kirpal416 286-8459 / 416 816-0213rkirpal at
 Andrea Maidens416 724-1224admaidens at
 Marta Nosal416 208-7600rnosal at
 Lynn Sheppard416 284-2586r.sheppard at

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Our aim is to organize and promote social, sporting, cultural and recreational programs and activities in order to encourage a spirit of community within the West Rouge area and to ensure an equal opportunity exists for all residents to participate in all programs and events.